We are delighted you are visiting our new website and we hope it will be a source blessing and information to you. We love to have visitors and look forward to meeting you, your family, and friends. This site is designed to help you get information about our congregation, or you may call or visit us.

We meet on Saturday mornings at 10:15 am

The Seed of Abraham Messianic Congregation is comprised of Jewish and non-Jewish individuals who are reborn of the Spirit and believe that Yeshua (Jesus) is the promised Messiah of Israel. Our Saturday morning services embrace teaching the Scriptures in a Jewish perspective in the fullness of the Old and New Covenants. We incorporate music, sometimes dance, and joyous worship within the structure of the service. As a Messianic congregation we celebrate the ordained feasts of the L-rd G-d and most of the minor Biblical holidays in the fullness of the New Covenant.


We are affiliated with the AMC. (Association of Messianic Congregations)


We welcome you to join us at

2460 New Holland Pike

Lancaster, PA 17601


Saturdays 10:15 am
Phone: 717-687-8913


The Praise Team of Seed of Abraham welcomes you to participate with us in lifting our hearts, voices, and the skillful playing of musical instruments to the L-rd in praise and worship. By incorporating the Psalms and other scripture, traditional hymns, and Messianic music, our services lead worshipers into a fuller and deeper spiritual experience.

Serving on the Praise Team is a position of leadership. The primary function is to lead the congregation in true praise and worship under the guidance of the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit). “G-d is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth.” (John 4:24) We emphasize that our purpose and calling is that of leading others into the very presence of the Living G-d. There is no calling issued for “performances” and “showmanship” – - only true praise and worship. Therefore, those serving must strive continually through prayer and example to have a pure heart before G-d and others.

If you are interested in serving in this ministry or want more information, contact Rob Perlis.

Music Director: Rob Perlis

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The Star of David Dance Troupe is the outreach dance ministry of the Seed of Abraham Messianic Congregation. They exist to serve the L-rd and others, and to celebrate corporately together.

We worship with our full mind, body, heart and soul based on choreography of Israeli Folk and Messianic Dance. Whether rejoicing for a 'simcha' (joyous occasion), or entering into praise and worship of the Most High G-d of Israel, we welcome all who have a heart for the L-rd – any age, both men and women – to learn and participate!

We offer dance class on Tuesday evenings at 6:30 at Long Memorial UMC located at 2660 Lititz Pike and everyone is welcome! Beginner dance classes are offered on the last Saturday of each. month after services. We have danced at a host of venues, such as:

  • Conferences and Retreats

  • Festival Celebrations

  • Churches and Schools

  • Public Venues: parks, malls

  • Weddings and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

  • Retirement and Assisted Living Residences

If you are interested in having the The Star of David Dancers come to your congregation or participate in an event, contact Rosetta Stauffer at (717) 321-4728 or

Dance Ministry Leader: Rosetta Stauffer


Star of David Dancers and Covid-19



A small group, Psalm 122 Group, meets on the 4th Friday of each month to pray for the protection and the needs of The Seed of Abraham, the Jewish people and Israel.  When the need arises, special prayer requests are also addressed.  If you have a heart for this ministry, please contact Kimmel or Stephanie Schaefer at (717) 209-2885 or email
They meet at 11 Landis Blvd., Willow Street, PA at 7 p.m.

Any other time you may call or email our retired pastor, Lloyd Scalyer, with your prayer requests. Lloyd and his wife, Judith, are most eager to lift people up in prayer.

Tele: (717) 687-8311  E-mail:

Star of David


Welcome to the The Seed of Abraham Sisterhood webpage. We are women from diverse backgrounds and in various stages of life who come together to learn and have fun, to pray for one another, and to encourage and support each other.

We enjoy gathering on the 2nd Saturday of each month as well as other events such as lunches, plays, games, etc. Our Sisterhood annual retreats are always well attended and provide a time for testimonies and deepening relationships for spiritual growth.

All women are invited and encouraged to participate in the Seed of Abraham Sisterhood!

Sisterhood Leader: Rosetta Stauffer

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