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Here you will find a collection of the Star of David Dance Troupe videos and some instructional videos


Here you will find  Purim videos


Here you will find a collection of The Seed of Abraham Passover videos


COVID-19 has brought many challenges. It has taken lives; it has disrupted our normal routine. The uncertainty and the anxiety that it brought to the dance troupe brought sadness once we could no longer meet on Tuesday evenings for our weekly practice.

In a matter of weeks, we had to cancel everything that was on our agenda for 2020. Our last and most memorable outreach was in September 2019, at the Mt Hope Retirement Home in Manheim. That visit gave us the enthusiasm to visit more places like this. Yet, we thank the L-rd Almighty for keeping us safe and giving us the means to keep in touch with one another.

The Star of David Dance Troupe is small, but we love to worship the L-rd in Hebrew and Messianic style dance. Sadly, our congregation had to close so that meant no dancing at our Jewish festivals. All activities were canceled, retirement homes, and churches. It was difficult knowing we could not dance, but the top priority remained the health and safety of our dancers and our audience. To dance and keep the 6-foot distancing was almost impossible.

So how do we cope with this pandemic? We continue to practice the dance steps in our homes. We pray for one another. We encourage each other. We ask the L-rd to direct us and give us wisdom in all things.

And now, we want to share some videos, some are many years back at the beginning of our ministry, some more recent. We will continue to add more as time allows.